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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Using our hosted Microsoft Exchange system gives you business class email facilities using Microsoft Outlook from anywhere in the world, enabling you to access your Outlook Email, your calendar and contacts from your desktop, through a web browser or on a Smartphone or BlackBerry.

You can access your email anytime, anywhere via:

  • Outlook on your Desktop or laptop (one free copy is provided per mailbox)
  • Through any web browser in the world (while your are in an Internet Café or waiting for your aeroplane in a departure lounge)
  • On your Smartphone, PDA or BlackBerry (while you are waiting for a train or anywhere where it is inopportune to wait for your laptop to start up)

You can take comfort in the fact that all email is scanned for viruses and spam by a multi-layered system. Approximately 70% of business data is held as email, so be assured that the system is backed up every day, with backups removed and stored off-site weekly.

Take advantage of the group calendaring functions that are built into Microsoft Exchange to arrange appointments for and with your colleagues and customers, and use Exchange Public Folders to share emails and other important information between colleagues.

If synchronising with a Smartphone or BlackBerry handheld device, you will only need to maintain one set of contacts in your Microsoft Outlook - the synchronisation technology will ensure that if you add a person into your handheld that they will automatically be added into your Microsoft Outlook, and vice-versa. You will never be out of the office without a customer's telephone number or address again!

The system is cost effective (with mailboxes of differing sizes and monthly costs), incredibly easy to use and is suitable for a single user business (or home-user that insists on staying in touch!) through to a network with hundreds of users.

For the minimum of hassle, why not combine the following elements of Quayside's service to create the ideal mobile office setup:

Hosted Exchange Mailbox.

  • An Internet domain name for email (such as
  • A Windows Mobile based Smartphone, available unconnected or subsidised with a choice of EXCELLENT contracts based on your choice of network provider.

Drop us an email or give us a call to find out how using our hosted Exchange system can improve your working by:

  • Streamlining access to your email, calendar and contacts from multiple locations, helping you stay in-the-loop from anywhere.
  • Keeping your inbox contents spam and virus free.
  • Keeping all of your data held in Outlook backed up without any effort required on your part!

What about my existing email address?

As long as you are prepared to leave your desktop PC in your office switched on all of the time, emails from your old email address can be stored in the Exchange Mailbox and synchronised with your handheld device. However we advise customers to start using an email address with their own domain name - this moves the customer away from being dependant on taking their service from that particular ISP and means that machines do not have to be left running in your office. Just start sending emails from your NEW address and create an Outlook auto-reply rule so that if anyone emails your old email address, the message comes in but the sender gets an auto-reply saying that your new email address is now and to please update their records accordingly. There is the additional benefit of increased company perception and longevity associated with having an email domain name that matches your company name.

Where is my email being stored - I am concerned about privacy?

Email has never been a confidential communication medium. In transit, emails will pass through several servers and at these points it is possible to take and archive copies of emails for later analysis.

However the reality is that these mail servers handle such huge amounts of mail each day that it would not be possible to store all of this mail (usually email is just forwarded on without being stored), nor would there be enough hours in the day for someone to pick through it all. With our hosted Exchange system, your email will be stored in a data centre in London, with the highest levels of physical and network security to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure.

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