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Whether you need to provide access at anytime and from anywhere to business-critical applications running on Terminal Servers, virtual desktops or Legacy host systems, PowerTerm WebConnect benefits everybody in the organisation. PowerTerm WebConnect delivers to the users' desktops - at home, their office or while on the road - ALL the enterprise applications that they need. Your users benefit from a uniform and seamless user experience whether they access applications from Windows or Linux desktops, or thin clients. Whether your users are sales reps working from a home office that is several hours from HQ, or even if the weather conditions are preventing your staff from reaching the office, PowerTerm WebConnect can ensure that they can access the applications they need, quickly, easily and securely.

Key Benefits for the Organisation

  • Maximises business efficiency and agility
  • Aligns IT With Business Objectives
  • Increases worker productivity and mobility
  • Enables compliance with government and regulatory standards
  • Facilitates Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery implementations
  • Ensures privacy of information
  • Enables fast and effective rollouts of software during mergers, acquisitions and branch office openings.

Key Benefits for IT

  • Reduces the complexity of managing desktops, applications and remote support
  • Simplifies and accelerates deployments of applications and desktop access across the network
  • Offers greater control over security, preventing unauthorised access, even over the Internet
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing IT infrastructure, third party security and networking appliances

Key Benefits for End-Users

  • Local and remote access to Windows Terminal Servers, virtual desktops and thin clients, anytime and anywhere
  • Easy and intuitive acces to remote applications - with the same look and feel as local applications
  • SupportView tool enables realtime remote support and training

Delivering enterprise-wide applications and data to users. A comprehensive, secure, affordable solution.

Delivering enterprise-wide applications and data to users.  A comprehensive, secure, affordable solution.

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