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Ensure That Your Vital Business Data is Protected!

Throughout our visits to new and existing customer sites, we are frequently shocked and amazed as to how many customers are not backing up their data as they should.

A company's two most important assets are their data and their time. On average, 20 megabytes of data takes 30 hours to build and is worth an immeasurable amount. When you combine the above statistic with the fact that 99% of businesses do not take a daily backup, 60% of backups are incomplete, 50% of restores fail and only 25% of backups are stored off-site the above becomes all the more frightening!

The consequences of this do not bear thinking about:

“On average, by the sixth day of a major data loss situation, companies experience a 25% loss in daily revenue. By day 25 it is 40%.”

“43% of companies that have no backup and recovery plan that experience a severe data loss disaster NEVER re-open.”

“The average cost to a small-to-medium business that suffers a virus attack is £843 with 7.2 hours of downtime.”

The law also insists that customers take care of their data: "You must safeguard your own or anyone else's data, by appropriate precautions against loss, corruption or unauthorised disclosure" - Data Protection Act, 1998.

All of the above does not take into account the embarrassment and loss of credibility to suppliers when you have to tell them that you cannot pay them because you are “having computer problems” and cannot see your accounting software, and to your customers when you are not able to get prices or work out to them.

Our online backup solution allows you to filter, select and copy data from your desktops, notebooks and servers to a highly secure, off-site Storage System. Thereafter, the stored data is replicated every 15 minutes via a private network to a secondary remote data centre. A small piece of software is installed on the computer to automate the secure backup of data according to the customisable file filters and scheduler settings. Data transfer is reduced by as much as 98% using a patching technique that compresses and transfers only the changed bytes within the data. An easy to use interface allows users to recover data immediately, and from any point in time by themselves.

We run a Monitoring console in our office, which allows us to administer the backup settings on your machine if you so desire, as well as track account usage and double-check that backups are happening as they should.

The server client can support various plugins to allow the online backup of most popular databases and applications, such as MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, Domino, Sybase ASE and GroupWise.

Data is encrypted using the same levels of security used for E-Commerce before it is sent along the Internet, and is then encrypted at a much higher level before it is stored in the Data centre. When installing the client, the user is prompted to enter a passphrase. The encryption used is so strong that if the passphrase is forgotten, the data is irretrievable!

All in all, this adds up to a system that is so secure and well implemented, it is trusted by Price Waterhouse Coopers, thereby assuring a system that will keep your data safe for you.

Of course, we recognise that not all of the data that is held on your system is critical to the running of your business. While we can back up the complete contents of your “my documents” folder, including the funny pictures and video clips that have been emailed to you, we can advise you on how best to make sure that the business-critical data is backed up without you resorting to purchasing more backup space than is required.

Protection against such disasters is very cost effective. Firstly, each machine holding data (remember, all of the data on a small network can be held on just one PC) needs a software client. On top of that, each gigabyte of data storage required is charged for. The solution required is billed annually, and for a small business user, peace of mind can cost as little as £61.20+vat per year, or 17 pence per day! And with this solution, there is nothing to remember and no tapes to worry about storing safely.

Please feel free to drop us an email or give us a call to discuss this in greater depth and to discuss the latest pricing. There is no excuse for not having a backup!

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