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IT Support and Maintenance

Although we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, from time to time users will have problems with their computer systems.

With Server-Based systems, regular maintenance is a necessity. In a server based network, if the server itself is not happy, the workstations connected to it will not be happy either.

We offer a very flexible approach to supporting networks. Most of our customer take a service contract with ourselves where we will make weekly checks on the servers via remote control. Just a few of the things that we will do will be:

  • Deleting Any Temporary Files
  • Tracking Disk Space Changes For Unusual Pattern Changes
  • Checking Server Logs For Attempts To Breach Security And To Ensure Programs Are Running Correctly
  • Checking That Backups Have Run Correctly
  • Checking That All Available Security Updates Have Been Installed

To support customers we use a combination of Telephone, Email and Remote-Control. Many problems can be solved using these three methods, however it is sometimes necessary to make a site visit. Visits are planned and agreed with customers according to prioritisation of the problem and we always do our best to ensure that we are as flexible as possible with our timings.

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